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Six - Heck of a Party [Voice Post]  
08:50pm 25/03/2009
Sonic the Hedgehog
Hey! Hades, right? That was some party the other night. Thought I'd never see action like that around this joint.

Sad t' see your friends didn't make it. They gonna be at the next one?

[Why, yes, he is indeed calling out the Evil Trio. Make of it what you will]
mood: mischievousmischievous
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Five - A Very Important Question [Voice Post]  
08:10pm 23/12/2008
Sonic the Hedgehog
Anyone know where I can get a chili dog 'round this place?
mood: curiouscurious
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Four - This place just gets weirder and weirder [Voice Post]  
12:29am 04/11/2008
Sonic the Hedgehog
Okay, does anybody have any clue what's goin' on with th' city? It falls apart, it puts itself back together, an' then outta nowhere these people show up an' say they're taking over! Never seen 'em before in my life...where'd they come from?

[Pensive] The lady sure sounds like Robotnik, though, just with fancier words. Wonder if she laughs like 'im?

[Snickers a bit at the thought, then moves on]

Hey, um...shoot I never asked 'im what his name was...Hey, whoever was lookin' for th' little purple guys? I found one. Y' never told me it was a mini-Larxene. [He doesn't sound too happy about that particular fact] Wanna come take 'im off my hands?
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Three - A To-Do List of Sorts [Voice Post]  
02:31pm 11/10/2008
Sonic the Hedgehog
Man, does anybody know what th' huge monster thing was? That kind'a weird stuff doesn't normally happen in the middle of a city. Least it's gone now. Doesn't help, though - looks like the city's still fallin' apart even without it here. 's weird...

Oh, and musician dude? Yeah, way past uncool. That hurt, man!

[A few seconds of silence - he's gathering his thoughts]

Sounds like a lot of people've gone missing lately. I'm lookin' for a guy called Wizeman, a gal called Etna, and these little purple things called djinni. Figure I'll just take a run around th' city...anybody else missin' people? I'll keep an eye out.

Oh yeah! [snaps fingers] Anybody ever had somethin' called ramen before? Some guy was tellin' me it's s'posed t' be good, but 'm not sure fi I can trust 'im. Anybody got a second opinion?

An' Lara, you were right - that Larxene is bad news.
mood: pensivepensive
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Two - Got some catchin' up to do [Voice Post]  
06:52pm 26/08/2008
Sonic the Hedgehog
[Some static and grumbling - he's obviously still having trouble with this technology stuff]

How d'ya tell if it's even- Oh! Hey, there we go!

Man, I dunno why anybody'd ever want to go outside the city, 'sides the real grass. There's nothin' out there but a weird old church, an' I mean weird.

...well, okay, I guess you'd go out if you wanna see the church. Hey Lara - lemme know when ya want to head back out, 'kay?

An' hey, Doctor? Doc? Whoever y'are? I've got all sorts of stuff to tell ya 'bout the church. Looks like a fight went down in there or somethin'.

There was somethin' else, what was it- Oh yeah! Larxene! When're we racing? I'm gettin' bored over here!

...come t' think of it, does anybody know where I can get a hammock around here?

[Once again, assume all of Sonic's replies are voice posts.]
mood: energeticenergetic
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One - What? [Voice Post]  
11:16pm 02/06/2008
Sonic the Hedgehog
Okay, what gives? I’ve been over this whole island and I don’t see anything normal! The grass is all white, and so are the animals, and they don’t talk, and I can’t even find any trees! Not any real ones, at least. This ain’t South Island, that’s for sure.

Tails! Amy Rose! Real funny prank, guys, now where’s the Tornado? I don’t want to hang around this place. It gives me the creeps.

C’mon, guys, joke’s over.


This had better not be Robotnik again

…So what is this place, anyway?

[Just assume all Sonic's replies are voice posts, as he doesn't really read human language...at all...using the map's gonna be a pain. XD]
mood: confusedconfused
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