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Sonic the Hedgehog
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Character: Sonic
Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Version: Video games – right after Sonic and Knuckles/Sonic CD
Age: Some versions give his age as around fifteen – it’s sufficient to say he’s in his early teens
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight, but it’s not something he thinks about a whole lot

Appearance: Sonic is, to put it simply, an anthropomorphic hedgehog. Standing at about three and a half feet tall, he’s covered mostly in fur of an eye-catching shade of electric blue. Only his belly and arms are a different color – a light tan. He has bright green eyes, bigger than one would really expect, and three large quills (that look more like shark fins than anything else, but don’t bring that up) run down the back of his head, droopy and pliable until Sonic curls into a ball, at which point they become hard and rather sharp to the touch (hooray for natural defense mechanisms). Topping off this snazzy appearance are white gloves and red shoes with white stripes.

Personality: Have you ever seen a surfer? They lie on the sand and look like the happiest people ever just chilling out on the beach, but the second they get back in the water it’s like they never left. You’d expect them to do all manner of crazy stunts, and not only do they manage to pull them off, but they make them look natural to boot.

That’s Sonic in a nutshell. He’s perfectly fine just relaxing somewhere, preferably with a chili dog in hand. Put him back doing what he’s really good at, though, and you’ll see him do some pretty amazing stuff. Go on. Challenge him to a footrace. Dare ya.

You see, Sonic’s element is speed, and quite a bit of it – they don’t call him the Fastest Thing Alive for nothing, after all. Being speedy has shaped quite a bit of his personality: he’s pretty easygoing, tends to just roll with a lot of things (especially if they promise to be fun), and is pretty quick on the uptake. All the downsides of this “need for speed” are readily apparent as well – Sonic is incredibly impatient, has a short temper, and is bound to get irritable if made to wait longer than a few seconds – okay, maybe a few minutes if he was really trying to be patient – for something.

Age is also a bit of a factor – Sonic’s a fifteen-year-old guy with an incredible talent. Naturally, it follows that he’d be just a bit cocky about his ability, sometimes to the point of arrogance. Though it doesn’t happen often, he can also be unsure and slightly hesitant – throw him far enough off balance and it’ll take him a bit to recover.

Underneath everything, however, Sonic has the proverbial heart of gold. Put a challenge in front of him and he’ll be bound and determined to see it through – as the challenge gets more difficult and the stakes rise, so does Sonic’s concentration grow. And if the challenge has anything to do with his friends, watch out – he’ll do anything to help out a buddy.

Abilities/Weaponry: Sonic, to put it simply, is fast. Ridiculously fast. I-break-the-sound-barrier-regularly-and-think-nothing-of-it fast. Most of his abilities are based on this incredible speed. When he hits his faster speeds, he tends to stop running upright and instead curls into a ball and rockets around that way. Traveling at high speeds and with his quills hardened and sharp to the touch, Sonic tends to pulverize whatever he runs into while in this form. He also has several attacks based on this form of transport, the main two of which are the Spin Dash (spinning in place before dashing forward at even higher speeds in order to cause maximum destruction upon impact) and his Homing Attack (he rises into the air and flings himself at the nearest target, spinning all the while). He needs to be holding at least one gold ring (an item of power in his world) in order to perform either of these moves – good thing he’s got one on him, huh.

With a Chaos Emerald, Sonic can use a power called Chaos Control, which allows him to warp time and space. Given all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic. His fur and quills turn entirely gold, his speed and stamina are raised exponentially, and he gains the ability to fly. Unfortunately for Sonic, he doesn’t exactly have a Chaos Emerald on him at the moment, and unless one (or all seven) of them shows up in Paixao, these abilities are well beyond his reach.

As an interesting side note, he can also run backwards at these incredibly high speeds. It’s not the most useful ability in the world, but it’s a neat trick.

Sonic is also pretty quick on the uptake and fast to react – given the speed at which he normally travels, he has to be just as fast in these other areas as well.

Weaknesses: Sonic can’t swim. At all. Toss him in water, and he’ll just sink like a stone. He tends to get around this by either avoiding large bodies of water completely or doing the Jesus Lizard thing and running on the surface of the water, although he needs to be going at a pretty good clip before he hits the water in order to pull this off.

While Sonic’s stamina is ridiculously high (it needs to be in order for him to run at the speeds he does for prolonged periods of time), his physical strength is next to nothing. He’s got skinny little arms and skinny little legs and he can’t really do any physical feats without a whole lot of inertia. Don’t expect him to do any heavy lifting or win a fistfight anytime soon.

Finally, despite his talent and his role as a hero in his own canon, Sonic is still a teenager and a young one at that. He can be swayed and thrown off balance, he can be uncertain, and his confidence can be broken (although that’s difficult to do, as his main confidence lies in his speed and that’s rather tough to beat).

History: Our story starts on the peaceful planet of Mobius, where a kindly scientist named Dr. Kintobor has been studying the incredibly powerful Chaos Emeralds.

This is a good time to take a step back, note that this story begins with the words “peaceful” and “scientist”, and realize that something bad will eventually happen.

And it does. A lab accident drives Kintobor insane, turning him into the evil Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik’s first act of evil madness is to kidnap all the fluffy cute animal denizens of South Island, the place where he lived and worked, and encase them in robotic evil machines known as Badniks. The only one who managed to escape this fate was Sonic the Hedgehog, who had been Kintobor’s friend before the scientist had gone completely bonkers. It was Sonic’s speed that allowed him to get the hell outta Dodge, and it was that same speed he applied towards the mission of freeing the residents of South Island, finding the Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik could, and defeating Robotnik once and for all.

This became a race, both Sonic and Robotnik making their way through the six very unique zones of South Island (from grassy fields to jungles to underwater mazes – who designed this island anyways?) in search of the Chaos Emeralds. After attempting to trip Sonic up one too many times, Robotnik is finally cornered in his own lab, the Scrap Brain facility, by the hedgehog. Though Sonic takes the entire facility down, Robotnik manages to escape.

But hey, that’s alright – all the animals of South Island are back and happy, the Chaos Emeralds are safe, and Sonic’s got some time to relax and have some fun. Vacation time, right? He decides to take his biplane, the Tornado, off to West Side Island for a little surf, a little sun, and a whole lot of relaxation. Good times. While he’s there, he meets Miles Prower (but please, call him Tails), a young two-tailed fox that absolutely idolizes him. It doesn’t take too long for the two to become good friends.

But, as is the usual in these kinds of stories, the idyll didn’t last long. Robotnik follows Sonic to West Side island, both to cause trouble and to follow up on the legend that ancient West Side islanders once abused the power of the seven “power stones.” You guessed it – there are Chaos Emeralds on West Side Island too, and Robotnik immediately went after them, intending to use them to power the Death Egg (a very intimidating name, to be sure), a flying warship he’s in the process of building. One day, out of the blue (and evidently before he’s actually managed to gather any of the emeralds), Robotnik launches a full-scale attack on West Side Island, kidnapping all the fluffy cute animal denizens of the island and encasing them in Badniks. Again. His vacation rudely interrupted, Sonic once again heads out to find the Chaos Emeralds, rescue the animals, and defeat Robotnik before he can complete the Death Egg, although this time he has a partner in Tails.

Unfortunately for Sonic, Robotnik’s got the Death Egg all but complete by the time he and Tails arrive to stop him. Oops. Fortunately, Sonic’s managed to get his hands on all seven Chaos Emeralds, allowing him to transform into Super Sonic and destroy Robotnik’s Mech Suit, which explodes and takes out a good chunk of the Death Egg, causing both the ship and Robotnik to crash. Instead of landing back on the surface of Mobius, however, Robotnik and the wreckage of his ship end up on Angel Island, an island that floats in the sky and had only been mentioned in legends.

Upon landing on Angel Island, not only does Robotnik find out one of his little legends was once again true, but he finds someone living on the island as well – Knuckles the Echidna, the last surviving member of the ancient civilization that had once populated the island and the guardian of yet another set of Chaos Emeralds. Robotnik needs time to repair the Death Egg and Chaos Emeralds to power it, and Knuckles is just perfect for both those jobs. Knowing Sonic and Tails will probably be hot on his trail, Robotnik convinces Knuckles that Sonic is coming to Angel Island to steal Knuckles’ Chaos Emeralds, possibly even the Master Emerald, the giant gem that gives all the other Chaos Emeralds their power and allows Angel Island to float on air.

Knuckles sure isn’t going to stand for that. Having no reason to disbelieve Robotnik, he heads to the other side of the island, where Sonic (still in his Super Sonic form, thanks to the Chaos Emeralds from West Side Island) and Tails have landed in the Tornado, and ambushes Sonic from the one direction he’d never expect – underground. The attack has enough force to knock the emeralds right out of Sonic, and all he can do is watched, stunned, as Knuckles gathers them up and disappears to other parts of the island.

So now, not only do Sonic and Tails have to hunt down Robotnik, defeat him, and prevent the launch of the Death Egg again, but they also have to contend with Knuckles, who gives them trouble at every turn. He manages to delay Sonic and Tails enough that Robotnik has repaired and re-launched the Death Egg by the time they arrive on the scene. Once again, however, Robotnik has failed to collect all of the Chaos Emeralds, and Sonic and Tails manage to defeat him. The Death Egg, semi-destroyed once again thanks to Sonic and Tails, has landed on Angel Island again, except this time it’s managed to land on top of an active volcano. Oops.

No longer concerned with having an ultimate weapon, Robotnik just wants to get the Death Egg running well enough to get the hell out of there. Instead of getting the Chaos Emeralds, however, Robotnik goes straight for the Master Emerald, betraying Knuckles in order to obtain it. Of course, it takes this out-and-out act of treachery for Knuckles to finally realize that Robotnik’s been playing him for an almighty fool, and he forms a very uneasy alliance with Sonic, if only to get all these troublemaking people off his lawn island. The two set off once again to stop Robotnik and keep Angel Island safe. (As for where Tails went…we’re not sure. He’s repairing the Tornado or something. Roll with it.)

Of course, as it always happens in these sorts of stories, the bad guy is defeated once again (and likely impacts on the planet’s surface this time – ouch), his evil creation is destroyed, the good guys all get along (to a point – Knuckles still wants all these intruders gone), the heroes return home, and everyone goes out for chili dogs. Well, maybe chili dogs don’t always happen in these sorts of stories, but you can bet Sonic and Tails rewarded themselves after several jobs well done.

And, as it always happens in these sorts of cash cow franchises ongoing episodic stories, that peace doesn’t last long at all. Once a year, a small planet aptly named Little Planet appears in the sky above Mobius. On this planet are seven gems that have the strange power to control time. Robotnik, of course, intends to use these Time Stones to his advantage, and it doesn’t take him long to set up base on Little Planet and use the Time Stones to take over the past, present, and future all at once. On top of that, having planned ahead for once, Robotnik sends his newest creation, Metal Sonic (just what it sounds like – a metal copy of Sonic’s looks, abilities, and speed, with a few extra weapons thrown in), to kidnap a young female hedgehog named Amy Rose. Why? To manipulate Sonic, of course. It’s pretty easy to boss one of these hero-types around if you’re holding one of their friends hostage. If the hostage insists they’re the hero’s main squeeze…well, even better.

Of course, it doesn’t work. Sonic manages to defeat Metal Sonic in a footrace – Sonic narrowly wins, and Metal Sonic crashes into a grate, effectively smashing himself into tiny little bits. Through quite a bit of running and time travel of his own, Sonic stops Robotnik, destroys his base on Little Planet, removes his influence on the past, and rescues Amy Rose. All in a day’s work for our hero.

After that, Mobius once again settled into peace. Robotnik was nowhere to be seen, and Sonic’s biggest troubles were figuring out what he was going to do that day (if anything at all) and trying to figure things out with Amy Rose in a roundabout way – they obviously didn’t define their relationship the same way, and it got pretty awkward for Sonic at points. He’d pretended to be asleep to avoid the latest installment of the conversation, and though he wasn’t expecting to fall asleep, that’s exactly what he did. When he woke up from his impromptu afternoon nap, he sure wasn’t where he’d been when he’d fallen asleep. After all, he was pretty sure South Island didn’t have any domed cities.

[This journal is for paixaorpg played by yamikonumber7. Sonic is owned by Sega. All events portrayed in this journal are fictional; any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.]